The show brings a metalinguistic proposal in order to investigate love and it’s clashes. In the attempt of staging the story “Adventure of a husband and a wife” by Italian writer Italo Calvino, 4 actors reach for classical theater references to understand the daily life of a couple that practically don’t meet. The passivity and hardness in “The Seagull” by Chekhov, in contrast with the passion and fury in “Blood Wedding” by Garcia Lorca generate reflections in the actors on stage. It establishes a game that questions the boundaries between reality and fiction, between what is given in the literature or drama and what can be transformed. DIFFICULT LOVES carries the signature of Súbita Company in the ongoing research in physical theater and gesture dramaturgy and raises a question: after all, what do we really know about love?

* The show was developed through Municipal Financing – by Celepar and premiered at Teatro Novelas Curitibanas in April 2013.

  • Director and dramaturg: Maíra Lour
  • Cast: Janaina Matter, Alexandre Zampier, Helena Portela e Pablito Kucarz
  • Director of movement: Juliana Adur
  • Assistant to director: Vitor Schuhli
  • Cast preparation: Tonio Luna
  • Sound design: Vadeco
  • Set design: Fernando Marés
  • Costume design: Eduardo Giacomini
  • Lighting design: Beto Bruel
  • Production assistant: Victor Hugo
  • Graphic design: André Coelho
  • Production: Michele Menezes

Photo: Marco Novak