The show brings to the stage an excerpt of Veronica Stigger’s work, Brazilian writer, from the encounter of two theater Companies: Súbita Companhia (Curitiba) and Casca (Belo Horizonte). In scene a physical and textual dramaturgy is experimented, permeated by violence and deconstruction of the body. The chosen stories deride the ease with which we daily deal with dark aspects of human behavior. Tragicomic situations propose a reality so extraordinary to the point of being unrealistic and lead the audience in an intense and amazing experience.

* Show was awarded with Brazilian Federal Prize Myriam Muniz 2012 and premiered at Teatro Eva Herz Curitiba (PR, Brazil) in August 2013.

  • Ensemble creation from the work of Veronica Stigger
  • Director and dramaturg: Maíra Lour
  • Cast: Janaina Matter, Alexandre Zampier, Francis Severino e João Filho
  • Movement Director: Juliana Adur
  • Assistant to Director: Vitor Schuhli
  • Cast Preparation: Tonio Luna
  • Sound design: Trombone de Frutas
  • Set design: Pablito Kucarz
  • Costume design: Cristine Conde
  • Lighting design: Beto Bruel
  • Production Assistant: Victor Hugo
  • Graphic design: Pablito Kucarz
  • Production: Michele Menezes
  • In collaboration with Casca Company

Photo: Marco Novak