The show constructs a drama driven by the notion of temperature, which starts from cold to heat, outlining a process experienced by the actors-creators. The theme speaks of the intersection between love and pain, this middle place where there is love but still there is pain. The show deals with issues surrounding the daily love relationships with all its ambiguities and complexities experienced in contemporary and authorial ways. The public is constantly driven by the peculiarities of the oppositions that constitute a relationship.

* The show is an independent production by Súbita Company and premiered at Espaço Cultural Pé no Palco in March 2010.

  • Text: criação coletiva
  • Director and dramaturg: Maíra Lour
  • Assistant to director: Janaina Matter
  • Cast: Alexandre Zampier, Janaina Matter, Juliana Adur e Otavio Linhares
  • Costume design: Eduardo Giacomini
  • Lighting design: Beto Bruel
  • Sound design: Maíra Lour / Música/ Music: Alexandre França
  • Body preparation: Juliana Adur
  • Graphic design: Eli Firmeza
  • Production: Daniel Kleiber

Photo: Luc Sampaio