The scene is a comic monologue played by the actress Janaina Matter. It is inspired by the short story “Ballroom” – by Marina Colasanti, where one of the tenants of the building decides to go to the meeting dressed in costumes and realizes that his manifest does not raise an eyebrow. The scene transforms the everyday questions and the irony of normal patterns and social conventions in parallel with a philosophical reflection inspired by Jean Paul Sartre. The actress interacts with a video projection, where 6 other tenants appear. The videos where created and produced by WTF?!filmes.

* The scene premiered at 8ª Mostra Cena Breve Curitiba, Teatro Sesc da Esquina in October 2012.

  • Director: Maíra Lour
  • Actress: Janaina Matter
  • Cast on video: Enéas Lour, Alexandre Zampier, Regina Bastos, Pedro Bonacin, Juliana Sprycigo
  • Video editting and operation: Carol Winter
  • Lighting design: Lucas Mattana
  • Video Production: WTF?!filmes
  • Costume design: Gabriel Machado e Ricardx Nolascx

Photo: Eli Firmeza


A man and a woman decide never to talk about the past and create unusual strategies to socialize and organize their life together. In the apartment, they delimit spaces called “Place Nothing” and “Place Something” where one can exist or cease to exist. They create a peculiar form of communication, words are replaced by gestures that contain very specific meanings for both.

* The scene premiered at 7ª Mostra Cena Breve Curitiba, Teatro Teatro Novelas Curitibanas in October 2011.

  • Director: Maíra Lour
  • Director of movement: Juliana Adur
  • Cast: Janaina Matter e Otavio Linhares
  • Production: Michele Menezes
  • Costume design: Eduardo Giacomini
  • Live music: Edith de Camargo
  • Lighting design: Daniele Regis

Photo: Olivia D’Agnoluzzo


“For an instant, he decided to take his heart out of the freezer. He did”. The short scene seeks to understand the sutil encounter between love and pain in everyday human relations. It’s about the place in the middle, in between, where there’s love but it still hurts, or hurts because there’s too much love, where it lacks love and it hurts, where it hurts and one keeps loving, ultimately where love and pain live together.

* The scene premiered at 5ª Mostra Cena Breve Curitiba, Teatro da Caixa in October 2009.


  • Director: Maíra Lour
  • Cast: Janaina Matter, Otavio Linhares, Alexandre Zampier, Juliana Adur
  • Production: Daniel Kleiber
  • Lighting design: Ariana Dias