The show marks the debut of Súbita Theatre Company. The beginning of the research for an authentic scenic language led the process of creating to an authorial and contemporary dramaturgy creation. In this show personal reports build short monologues and fictional stories that encompass the universality that the theme carries. The play brings moments of life. A person sitting on the bus in front of you, someone crossing the street over there, a radio station that starts playing in a house, a light that illuminates on the 15th floor of a building, the person sitting behind you in the theater. Private universes, people so anonymous and fictitious that can make part of each one of us.

* The show is an independent production by Súbita Company and premiered at Espaço Cultural Pé no Palco in December 2008.

  • Director and dramaturg: Maíra Lour
  • Dramaturgy supervision: Fátima Ortiz
  • Cast: Alexandre Zampier, Janaina Matter, Sol Faganello e Otavio Linhares
  • Cast preparation: Tonio Luna
  • Body preparation: Juliana Adur
  • Set design: Enéas Lour
  • Illustrations: Coletivo Mucha tinta – Luis Américo, Giusy de Luca e Oscar Teixeira
  • Lighting design: Beto Bruel
  • Sound design: Maíra Lour
  • Graphic design: Luis Américo
  • Production: Daniel Kleiber

Photo: Rosano Mauro