Vertigo show is an original work that brings to the stage the instant where a step can be decisive. Inspired by Milan Kundera’s book “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, it brings to scene the paradox between the lightness and weight of a decision that draws us closer to questioning the fragile nature of fate, love and human freedom. Vertigo is the second before the jump, the moment that precedes the choice to act, revealing the state of the body towards the abyss that opens beneath the feet.

* The show was developed through Municipal Financing – Mecenato Subsidiado – and premiered at Teatro SESC da Esquina in June 2011.

  • Director: Maíra Lour
  • Dramaturgs: Otavio Linhares e Maíra Lour
  • Assistant to director: Janaina Matter
  • Cast: Alexandre Zampier, Janaina Matter, Juliana Adur, Otavio Linhares
  • Lighting design: Beto Bruel
  • Set design: Enéas Lour
  • Costume designs and Props: Eduardo Giacomini
  • Original soundtrack: Edith de Camargo
  • Cast preparation: Tonio Luna
  • body preparation: Juliana Adur
  • Training Parkour: Lucas Lima e Cassio Junior
  • Video production and editting: Carol Winter e Eli Firmeza – WTF?!filmes
  • Graphic design: Estúdio Tijucas
  • Production: Daniel Kleiber

Photo: Eli Firmeza