Súbita Company was established in 2007 with the intention of making art from a collaborative, contemporary and authorial point of view. We believe in the intense theatrical research as a source of inspiration, maintenance and refinement of artistic creation. We establish an ongoing practice based on the physicality of theater to embrace the challenges of expression. We continually strive for artistic excellence in our creations and welcome the challenge of thinking every moment and every project as unique.

To us collaborative work, horizontal creation and ensemble actions are starters for artistic creation, where common interests and new propositions for the creative movement are reveled. There is a deep commitment to maintain dialogues with different art expressions and in establishing creative connections with national and international artists and companies, because we believe that permeability and sharing creative ideas are ways to print a signature in the performing arts and the world.


Photo: Marco Novak


The members of Súbita Theatre Company have restless, articulated and investigative artistic personality. The actress Janaina Matter, director Maíra Lour and producer Michele Menezes provide the basis of thought and management of the Company and rely on partnerships with various associated artists in the process of research and creation.

Janaina Matter

Actress and artistic director of Súbita Companhia de Teatro. Graduated in Psychology in 2002 and acting and directing at Pé no Palco Theater School. Is co-founder of Súbita Companhia, in which has acted in all shows. Develops research in theater based on collaboration and physicality on stage. Since 2009 dedicates to study methods such as The Suzuki Method for Actors, Viewpoints, Gesture Dramaturgy and Scene Composition under the direction of Anne Bogart and SITI Company members (New York / USA). In 2015 will attend the intensive training with Tadashi Suzuki and SCOT Company in Toga, Japan. Ministers workshops and courses for artists and develops research on orienting and directing actors under the project “Plataforma” – permanent research core of Súbita Companhia, which hosts artists interested in scenic study and training.

In 2014 integrated the Jury of Trophy Gralha Azul, 35th edition in Curitiba, PR. The latest shows created by the Company include “Câmera Escura” (2014), ” Extraordinário Cotidiano” and “Amores Difíceis” (2013), “Porque não estou onde você está,” for which she was nominated for Trophy Gralha Azul for best actress in 2012. Also researches interpretation for films and has already integrated cast of several short films, most recently “Freezer Heart”, directed by Carol Winter 2014 and “Wounded Heart”, directed by Juliana Sanson in 2012.

Michele Menezes

Cultural producer , advertiser (PUC PR) and specialist in Organizational Communication (USP ) . Operates in Curitiba for 14 years. Is a founder member of ProCult, which elaborates and executes cultural projects for companies, public agencies and several theater companies . Produces regularly Súbita Companhia, Teatro de Breque and Lasnoias & Co., from São Paulo . Between 2010 and 2013 was referee technique of the Ministry of Culture in Brazil for projects registered in the Rouanet Law.

In 2013 was a member of the Jury Trophy Gralha Azul and in the second half of 2014 teacher in the course of production in the training course of Cena Hum, one of the most recognized professional courses of Curitiba, PR.

Maíra Lour

Artistic Director and founder of Súbita Companhia de Teatro since 2007. Art Educator in Pé no Palco Theater School and member-creator of the Center of Research in Contemporary Dance IMP – Research of the Particular Movement. Gives workshops in physical theater, scene composition and preparation of actors. Supervisor of the research core “PLATAFORMA”- workshops and artistic residencies of Súbita Companhia. Is dedicated to the study of scenic body; physicality and interpretation in specific techniques such as Viewpoints, Composition, Suzuki, contemporary dance; collaborative creation and gesture dramaturgy.

Nominated for the Trophy Gralha Azul as Best Director for “Difficult Loves” (2013); Attended the show IMP connections with the solo “Para virar do avesso” and “Parapeito” (2013); Nominated to Trophy Gralha Azul as Best Director for “Porque não estou onde você está” (2012); Participated in intensive stage training in Viewpoints, Composition and Suzuki oriented by SITI Company (NY) Anne Bogart (2012); Earned a scholarship to study Choreographic Structuring at Casa Hoffmann where created “Utopias de Aproximação” (2012); Nominated to Trophy Gralha Azul as Revelation Director for “Coração de Congelador” (2010); Has composed the Delegation of Young Creators of the Americas in the IV Festival TransAmérique Danse et Théâtre, Montreal – Canada (2010); Director invited to Festival Mujeres en Escena, Bogota – Colombia (2010); Participated in the Festival Theatre Alternative, Bogota – Colombia (2009).

Artistas Associados

Alexandre Zampier – ator, Vitor Schuhli – assistente de direção, Victor Hugo – assistente de produção, Beto Bruel – iluminador, Juliana Adur – direção de movimento, Tonio Luna – preparador de elenco, Helena Portela – atriz, Pablito Kucarz – Ator, Edith de Camargo – Musicista e Compositora, Carol Winter e Eli Firmeza – WTF?!filmes.